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Team Lake & Bay

Pensacola, Florida Championship Photos
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Pro Fishing Tournaments
2009 Scheduled Dates

Around the Redfish Tournaments 2009
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Testing Our Boats

We have tested several versions of our 20 ft. model at Lake X, to get advice from the pros. This information has been put into our boats for our consumers so they know there is no better.

Quality Control

By putting our boats in the hands of professionals, we know there is no better way to test quality. These guys use our boats in real world conditions over 200 days a year.

It's All About Profile

Customize your boat to get the look
and profile that fits your needs.

Shallow for Polling?

Yes, the boat is shallow, yes it can be poled. Depending on setup and consumer needs and loads, this boat varies between 9-12 inches deep standing still. Some of our Keys guides pole for 4-8 hours a day.

What the Pros say about Lake & Bay
"Fastest boat on the tour..." "Driest Flats I have ever been in..." "It can go anywhere..." "The most economical to operate..." "Best ride I've ever had..."
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